Photo Contest Winners

Without further ado, we are pleased to reveal the outcome of the 2016 Suzuki Nine Queens photo contest. The three invited photographers; Flo Breitenberger, Dasha Nosova, and Ilanna Barkusky joined us for the many shoots (sunset, sunrise, competition) during the week documenting the riders and the huge castle from every angle. To celebrate their work, the photo competition gave out awards for the  ‘Best Action Shot’,Best Creative Angle’, ‘Best Illumination’ and “Most Unreasonable” categories. Each artist submitted two images per category from the event week to be judged by their peers.

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Best Action Winner:
Dasha Nosova


Best Creative Angle:
-Florian Breitenberger


3.Best Illumination
– Ilanna Barkusky

Action_Hailey Langland

3. Most Unreasonable
Dasha Nosova



1.Best Action–Dasha Nosova

bestaction_nosova bestaction_nosova2

2.Creative Angle–Dasha Nosovacreative_nosova

3.Best Illumination–Dasha Nosovaillumination_nosova2 illumination_nosova

2.Most Unreasonable–Dasha Nosovaunreasonable_nosova3 unreasonable_nosova2

1.Best Action–Flo Breitenberger
Best_Action_01 Best_Action_02

2.Creative Angle–Flo Breitenberger
3.Best Illumination–Flo Breitenberger
Best_Illumination_02 Best_Illumination_01

4.Most Unreasonable–Flo BreitenbergerLife_Style_Monst_Unreasonable_02 Life_Style_Monst_Unreasonable_01

1.Best Action–Ilanna Barkusky
Action_Hailey Langland Action_Giulia Tanno

2.Most Creative–Ilanna Barkusky
Creative Angle_Dania Assaly Creative Angle_Emma Dahlstrom

3.Best Ilumination–Ilanna Barkusky
Illumination_Maggie Voisin Illumination_Birgit Rofner
 1.Most Unreasonable–Ilanna Barkusky
Unreasonable_JohanneJulia Unreasonable_Hailey Langland