First day of sunshine

Glorious sunshine exploded onto the Suzuki Nine Queens course in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. After the few over-night adjustments had been made to increase the speed of the run-in to the kicker,  the snowboarders finally had the speed they needed. Newbie snowboard queens Sarka Pankochova (CZE) and Hailey Langland (USA) put on notable performances while Suzuki Nine Queens veteran Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas (NOR) put in a hundred runs, getting her methods dialed to the T, continuously steezing it out.

anna gyamarti

Panka Gyamarti was also going for gold.

Among the skiers, newcomer Johanne Killy (NOR) was one of the standout riders of the day, sending it hard on every run, solidifying her place in the group with crazy stylish 900 tail grabs, and floaty switch 720s.
johanne killyJohanne Killy

Meanwhile, veteran queen Emma Dalhstöm (SWE) made use of every single feature, from the main kickers to and tower jump through the tunnel on the main feature, to the bridge and Buff-Cube to flatbox and downbox on the jib feature.

julia crass, giulia tanno, nikki backall,maggie voisinJulia Crass, Giulia Tanno, Nikki Backall, Maggie Voisin

sarka pancochova, hailey langlandSarka Pancochova, Hailey Langland

Warm-up at the chateau

Arrival DAY :
The riders were slowly flowing into Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis and wasting no time they headed straight up on the mountain to check out the 2016 chateau! Everyone smiling and pumped with a super friendly ambience a mellow warm-up session opened the Suzuki Nine Queens 2016. The clouds remained hanging,but that did bother the riders and Katie Summerhayes even stomped a 10! A few speed adjustments will be made for the first full day of action tomorrow. Stay Tuned for the GoPro Course Preview dropping tomorrow!

Suzuki Nine Queens 2016

4Seasons Arrival

3D designs and riders 2016

The construction of the 2016 Suzuki Nine Queens castle has begun in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria. The 3D models will be transformed into snow ready for the all-female supersession taking place 13th to 18th of March 2016.

keri herman

Keri Herman

“Become a Queen” Video Contest Winners
Joining the world’s best, invited skiers and snowboarders are the “Become a Queen” online video competition winners Johanne Killi (NOR, Ski) and Julia Marino (USA, Snb) who demonstrated solid technique, style and creativity. Don’t miss the Big Air Contest on Friday, 18th of March.

The 2016 Castle
Each year the unique feature, built by the experts from Schneestern, finds different ways to challenge the riders. This year the nearly 25 meter wide main castle boasts a total of five take-offs, with two main booters measuring 21m form the lip to the knuckle, two step-ups and a smaller kicker through the tower. The hexagon shape jib feature is centred around a draw-bridge jib surrounded with a gap to down box, a double rail stair-set and 2 fun quarters.


The Riders
Returning to the top of the castle are snowboard extraordinaires Jenny Jones (GBR) and Jamie Anderson (USA) as well as, Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas (NOR), last year’s winner, who is currently turning heads showing her all-round skills on the Freeride World Tour.

jamie anderson

Jamie Anderson

kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas

Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas

Emma Dahlström (SWE) who has been collecting medals on the freeski circuit is back along with Keri Herman (CAN), Kaya Turski (CAN) and many more.

Lisa Zimmermann

Lisa Zimmermann

Mixing it up with fresh talent, there are the first-time queens, such snowboarders Hailey Langland (USA) and Katie Ormerod (GBR) who stomped a world first 1080 double cork (2014), and young-gun skiers Maggie Voisin (USA) and Guilia Tanno (SUI) who recently was 2nd at the U.S Grand Prix.

katie summerhayes, nikki blackallKatie Summerhayes, Nikki Blackall

Suzuki Nine Queens – The Concept
The event, now in its 6th year, will host various shoots during the week, including sunset and sunrise sessions, creating stunning photos and videos. In addition, the invited photographers Flo Breitenberger (GER), Dasha Nosova (RUS) and Ilana Barkusky (CAN) will be competing for best photo in various categories. Creating a unique feature for the athletes to ride without pressure is the idea behind the event, leading to incredible performances, which progress the sport. The Big Air Contest wraps up the week and is the “showtime”, where the best action takes place. See you there!

Klaudia MedlovaKlaudia Medlova

Dania, Assaly, CAN
Coline Ballet-Baz, FRA
Emma Dahlström, SWE
Keri Herman, USA
Johanne Killi, NOR
Tiril Sjastaad Christiansen, NOR
Zuzana Stromkova, SLO
Katie Summerhayes, GBR
Guilia Tanno, SUI
Kaya Turski, CAN
Maggie Voisin, USA
Lisa Zimmermann, GER


Jamie Anderson, USA
Julia Baumgartner, AUT
Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas, NOR
Anna Gyarmati, HUN
Sarka Pancochova, CZE
Jenny Jones, GBR
Elena Könz, SUI
Hailey Langland, USA
Stefi Luxton, NZE
Julia Marino, USA
Klaudia Medlova, SVK
Katie Ormerod, GBR
Christy Prior, NZE
Birgit Rofner, AUT
Olya Smeshlivaya, RUS

Instagram: #ninequeens  @nineknights

The male version of the event, the Suzuki Nine Knights, embarks on its first “Mission” to create the “Perfect Hip” in Watles in South Tyrol, Italy, running 29th of March to 2nd of April 2016.

Big Air Contest Recap

Without a doubt, the Suzuki Nine Queens 2015 in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria has made its mark on female freeski and snowboard history, with many personal firsts and some never before landed tricks. The weeklong session ran from 15th to the 20th of March 2015 and featured heli, sunset, and sunrise shoots, as well as the final showdown, the Big Air Contest. During the contest, we saw young German freeskier Lisa Zimmermann take her third consecutive title, while Norwegian style queen Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas came out on top of the snowboarders.

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3D Designs Revealed

The castle construction is well on the way, and the 3D designs reveal the extraordinary setup. Creating a platform for progression with multitude of options is a delicate process spearheaded by Schneestern, who are bringing together tons of white gold, fleets of machines and manpower, to create the picturesque castle.   Head on to our facebook for up to date photos of the actual Suzuki Nine Queens snowy castle!

SuzukiNineQueens_3D_1 SuzukiNineQueens_3D_2 SuzukiNineQueens_3D_3

Wanna Be A Queen Winners

Canadian skier Nikki Blackall, as well as, snowboarders Klaudia Medlova (SVK) and Sarka Pancochova (CZE) are the winners of the 2015 “Wanna be a Queen?” video competition. They will join the high-profile riders squad at the Suzuki Nine Queens 2015. Out of the 30 entries these girls edits stood out for the technique, style and creativity and they have been invited to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Austria for the week long supersession running 15th to the 20th of March.

Congrats Girls!!! See you soon!!


SNB Klaudia Medlova:

SNB Sarka Pancochova:

SKI Nikki Blackall:

FREESKI – Suzuki Nine Queens

·      Dania Assaly, USA ·      Maude Raymond, CAN

·      Coline Ballet Baz, FRA·      Tiril Sjastaad Christiansen, NOR

·      Nikki Blackall, CAN·      Zuzana Stromkova, SVK

·      Silvia Bertagna, ITA·      Katie Summerhayes, GBR

·      Emma Dahlström, SWE·      Kaya Turski, CAN

·      Virginie Faivre, SUI

·      Lisa Zimmermann, GER

·      Keri Herman, USA

·      Emilia Wint, USA·      Devin Logan, USA



SNOWBOARD – Suzuki Nine Queens


·      Jamie Anderson, USA

·      Silvia Mittermüller, GER

·      Julia Baumgartner, AUT

·      Kristiina Nisula, FIN

·      Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas, NOR·      Klaudia Medlova, SVK·      Aimee Fueller, GBR·      Spencer O’Brien, CAN·      Anna Gasser, AUT

·      Sarka Pancochova, CZE·      Jenny Jones, GBR

·      Birgit Rofner, AUT

·      Elena Könz, SUI

·      Olya Smeshlivaya, RUS

Big names at the Suzuki Nine Queens 2015

One week, one gigantic kicker slash snow castle, four invited photographers, as well as, several film crews combined with some the world’s best female freeskiers and snowboarders make up the Suzuki Nine Queens. The Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski resort in Austria and its perfectly groomed slopes will be reigned by the queens from the 15th to the 20th of March 2015. Sunset and sunrise shoots will take place throughout the week and one winner will be crowned at the public Big Air Contest, on Friday 20th of March 2015, a day not to miss!
SuzukiNineQueens 2014 - DAY 5 - kicker-katie summerhayes - David Malacrida - LR



Coline Ballet Baz, FRA

Silvia Bertagna, ITA

Emma Dahlström, SWE

Virginie Faivre, SUI

Keri Herman, USA

Devin Logan, USA

Maude Raymond, CAN

Tiril Sjastaad Christiansen, NOR

Zuzana Stromkova, SVK

Katie Summerhayes, GBR

Kaya Turski, CAN

Lisa Zimmermann, GER


Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014


Jamie Anderson, USA

Julia Baumgartner, AUT

Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas, NOR

Aimee Fueller, GBR

Anna Gasser, AUT

Jenny Jones, GBR

Elena Könz, SUI

Silvia Mittermüller, GER

Kristiina Nisula, FIN

Silje Norendal, NOR

Christy Prior, NZL

Birgit Rofner, AUT

Olya Smeshlivaya, RUS

SuzukiNineQueens2014_Day5_Elena Könz & Isabel Derungs_Heli-Session_49_KlausPolzer_LowRes

The format, as well as, the set up of the event is unique. “I found it a refreshing change, with its mellow atmosphere and creative avenues for both riders and photographers,” comments Jenny Jones, who bagged a cover shot from last year’s event, took 3rd place in the Big Air and landed her first frontside 900. This year she will be joined by her fellow Team GB mates Aimee Fueller and skier Katie Summerhayes, who are sure to shake things up. To the freeski ladies this event will always have a special meaning as it was the first of its kind, offering a platform to progress and to be in the spotlight. Some world firsts have been claimed at the event, such as the one by Kaya Turski in 2011 (CAN). She reminisces, “It was a goal of mine to learn the switch 1080 and when I did, and it was one of my most exciting moments in skiing.” (VIDEO:



9 Numbers from the Suzuki Nine Queens. Did you know that…
…Suzuki Nine Queens uses more than 50 GoPro cameras in total to document the event?

…more than 60.000 m3 of snow will be moved for the set-up?

…the riders combined will rotate about 1.800.000 degrees throughout the whole week?

…one athlete needs about 4.000 calories per day? Equates to about 17 Big Macs.

… 36 X Games medals and 3 Olympic medals are united at the Suzuki Nine Queens?

…about 300 media from 40 countries around the world report about the event?

…about 1.500 working hours are needed prior to the event?

…in total more than 50 persons are involved in the organization?

…the Suzuki Nine Queens social media channels reach more than 2.500.000 Million people?


Wanna Be A Queen? – Wild Cards On Offer
The online video contest is running till the 23rd of February 2015. Find out how you can win a wild card to Suzuki Nine Queens on


Follow us on social media @ninequeens.

“Wanna be a Queen?” – The Video Comp is ON

 The Suzuki Nine Queens is calling out for all talented freeski and snowboard ladies to join them in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to ride with the stars of the sport like Jamie Anderson (USA, snb) and Emma Dahlström (SWE, ski).

The “Wanna be a Queen?” online video contest jury will be dishing out a few coveted wild cards to the event running from the 15th to the 20th of March 2015. So get filming!

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014


The 5th edition of the legendary Suzuki Nine Queens is gearing up to another epic supersession bringing together the very best female riders to the huge castle setup.

On the line-up are last year’s winners Lisa Zimmermann, (GER, ski) and Elena Könz (SUI, snb), as well as, fresh X-games medallists Silje Norendal (NOR, snb) and Keri Hermann (USA, ski).
Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014
The weeklong event is packed with photo/film shoots and it culminates in the public Big Air Contest, on Friday 20th of March 2015, where the progression of the week is put on show in a battle for the throne in front of the crowds.

Suzuki Nine Queens 2014 presented by O’Neill – Day 1 Sunset Shoot




Wanna Be A Queen? – Online Video Contest
Our expert jury will be giving away 1-2 wildcards to their favourite entries in both the freeski and snowboard categories. Taking part is easy; send in a 2-minute video featuring your nine best tricks with a lot of airtime, technique and style.
Display your skills on a variety of obstacles and don’t miss the deadline on the 23rd of February 2015. The winners will be announced on the 3rd of March. For full details head over to, where you will also find all the entries. Follow us @ninequeens.

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014

Stay tuned for news from the Suzuki Nine Knights where this year also the snowboarders are invited.

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014

TOP 10 Moments of All Time

The Suzuki Nine Knights and Nine Queens played host to some insane moments over the last seven years. Some rise from the buzzing creativity of the event: medieval swords, naked front flips, crazy trains and half pipe transfers. Many have become defining corner stones in the progression of the sport whether bagging a world’s first, a personal first or throwing down a statement of style.

Here are our TOP 10 Moments of All Time! Enjoy!

10) David Wise Superman Front Flip with a Sword (2013)

9) Seppe Smits, Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute (2014)

8) Andi Wittman 5.6 Meter World Record Hip Air (2013)

7) Mega Mountainbike Train (2012)

6) Luca Schuler Triple Cork 1080 (2014)

5) Teddy Berr Naked Superman Front Flip (2010)

4) Kaya Turski & Maria Bagge First Ever Female Switch 1080s (2011)

3) Antoine Bizet First Ever Double Back Flip on Downhill Bike (2013)

2) Lisa Zimmerman First Ever Female Double Cork 1260 in Competition (2012)

1) Jesper Tjäder 55 m Death Gap Double Back Flip (2014)

Nine Queens Video competition

This year we invited four filmers to join the quest of the Nine Queens. Each filmer was teamed up with three of the riders and had all week to submit an edit by Saturday evening. The filmers were assigned with the task to capture a “typical week” in the lives of our Queens and the judges around Nine Knights MTB host Andi Wittmann looked for creativity, editing, choice of music, and action. The submission will be released one after another for the next week, so check out our first one, stay tuned and enjoy the show!

Team Schilcher release: March 27th

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Schilcher, Herman, Caradeux, Assaly [youtube=]

Team Fulton release: March 31st

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Fulton, Summerhayes, Raymond, Bertagna


Team Schwertl release: April 3rd

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Schwertl, Zimmermann, Bair, Stromkova

Coming on April 3rd

Congrats to our winners Team Mazuel release: April 7th

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Mazuel, Ballet-Baz, Eliasson, Crane-Mauzy

Coming on April 7th

Wanna be a Queen? – The winners are official!

The Suzuki Nine Queens “WANNA BE A QUEEN” online video competition has been a major success and another little step to progress the sport of women freeskiing. We received 24 submissions from established pros to new up and coming shredders. The level of riding was incredibly high across the board. All the videos were watched and evaluated by the pre-qualified Queens and choosing the winners proved to be very difficult.

After much discussion amongst the Queens a unanimous decision was reached on who will have the honor to conquer the “Chateaux” for 2012.

So without further ado, the three qualified riders are:

1. Lisa Zimmermann:

This up and comer from Germany was very much a surprise for all the judges. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the fifteen year-old impressed the judges with an almost flawless 1080 tail grab, amongst other banger tricks in her video. “It is a dream come true to be invited” Lisa said, the German freeski scene is stoked and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us at the event.

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Full Results – all riders categories and foto contest

The Suzuki NINE QUEENS made history: Maria Bagge won the big air contest in front of Kaya Turski – both landing the first ever switch 1080s in women’s freeskiing!

But not only the riders had the chance to take home prices in certain categories, also the photographers competed throughout the week in different categories. Below you can find some of the emotions at the price giving:-)

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Foto contest results and images

This one here is the biggest shout out to all competing photographers at the Suzuki Nine Queens. All of you guys have done an amazing job taking photos and helping me to make the event unforgettable. Thank you so much Felix, Schöchi, Stef  and Ruedi! I owe you big time…Throughout the five days the invited photographers tried to get their best shots in 4 different categories. They had to hand in their favourite two shots on friday night:

And this are the winners:

– Best Action Shot…congrats Felix Rioux!

Rider: Keri Herman

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Contest Videos

Suzuki Nine Queens | First ever female switch 1080 | Kaya Turski and Maria Bagge


Suzuki Nine Queens | Big Air competition | Day 5


Suzuki Nine Queens | Day 3 and 4 | Sunrise and Heli Session


Suzuki Nine Queens | Day 1 and 2 | Welcome to the Château

Suzuki Nine Queens competition coming up tomorrow!

Contest day: Friday March 25th

Location: Flight and Cross Park Komperdellbahn Serfaus

Time: 10.00-14.30 o´clock

On Friday march 25th all the Queens will compete against each other in the equivalent of a freeski jousting tournament; the battle royale BIG AIR competition. The athletes show their skills on a 18m floating kicker, which gives them all the airtime they need to show the world exactly how far female freeskiing has come.

14 riders will throw down their best tricks in the qualifying jam session. The top 5 athletes will advance to the finals, where they can show 3 more tricks. The winner will be the girl with the two highest scoring and most unique tricks. With victory come the unofficial title of being “Queen of the freeski world”.

Local Queen Eva Patscheider showing her skills!

We want YOU in Serfaus  to cheer as loud as you can!!!

This is what the Queens can win: A customized Suzuki Nine Queens Bracelet!


* 10.00 – 11.00 Training

* 11.00 – 12.15 Qualification, Jam Session Kicker

* 12.15 – 13.00 Lunch break

* 13.00 – 13.30 Training Finals

* 13.30 – 14.30 Super Finals

Afterparty by

The grand finale will be our Gala Night. The best photos and videos of the week will be displayed, judged and crowned. The after-party, hosted by, will take place at the Patschi in Serfaus from 20h on the 25th of march. We will start the evening with a big highlight, the presentation of the best event photos. Afterwards, the best shots, as well as the winners of Week will be crowned in the prize-giving ceremony. The party will start at approximately 20.00. Check out the Party-Page for more facts.

Thanks a lot to the supplier of our great Suzuki Nine Queens bracelets, that will be won by any of the girls tomorrow! Thanks to Goldschmiede Köblinger Innsbruck!

Day 4: The banger post!!!

It has been an amazing few days at the Suzuki NINE QUEENS – Virginie Faivre’s chateau in Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis witnessed the best all-girl freeski session ever!

The first days of this premier edition of the Suzuki NINE QUEENS have passed, and they were truly amazing. Many of the world’s best female freeskiers came together in the beautiful Austrian resort of Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis this week to be part of this unprecedented event, an all-girl freeski invitational on an absolutely outstanding obstacle. The Schneestern Crew had built the chateau, not only a unique looking snow sculpture, but also a perfect kicker for the girls to push the boundaries. And this is exactly what they did in two amazing sessions!

The week’s first highlight was the heli session on Tuesday afternoon. The action started around two o’clock and it quickly became clear that this day was going to be special. The riding level of all the girls was extremely high with clean grabs, great style and increasingly difficult tricks. When finally the heli came in at four to film the girls in the beautiful late afternoon light, things went off! Keri Herman threw picture perfect switch 720°s, Maude Raymond totally styled out her switch 540° high safety and Kim Lamarre did steezy Zero Spins over the massive table. Arguably the best trick of the day came from Sarah Burke, the grand dame of modern freestyle skiing. The Canadian had immaculate cork 9s on display! At the end of the day, the atmosphere at the Suzuki NINE QUEENS was absolutely fantastic.

To Sarah Burke the energetic session and impressive riding level came as no surprise: ”The female freeskiers have long been waiting for such an opportunity. Now that we finally got this chance, I was sure that we would live up to it. It was simply incredible! I am just a little surprised how much it actually went off. The girls were definitely ready!” It was not only the established riders like Sarah Burke, host Virginie Faivre or Kaya Turski who impressed, newcomers like Maude Raymond or Emilia Wint were also equal to the task. Swedish youngster Emma Dahlstrom, new to the Marker Völkl International Team this year was beaming: ”It’s great to be able to ski with girls like Sarah Burke or Kaya Turski at such an amazing event. They were leading the way and inspired many young girls like myself. It’s a whole movement now! I am sure we will see many more great female skiers in the future.“

Anyone who thought that the girls might be tired from the long heli session couldn’t have been further off track. The next morning, all the girls went up the mountain at 6:00 o’clock for a sunrise session. They were eager to hit the jump again, and needless to say, another great session evolved. The Suzuki NINE QUEENS continues today, Thursday, with a lifestyle shoot at a nearby castle and will culminate tomorrow with the public big air contest. Come out Friday to Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis and see the action live! You won’t regret it! If you don‘t have the chance, check in on Friday evening for the results and more breathtaking images.

Check out the amazing video of day 1&2:



The Suzuki Nine Queens crew




Day 3: Let´s have a look behind the scenes!

Hey folks,

The last 24 hours here in Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis, were just legendary! I even think a little woman freesking history was made! In the last two sessions, a sunset session with helicopter chases and a sunrise session, the girls impressed the crowed with incredible skiing! A mixture between a high trick difficulty and style makes us wanna see more and more and more…

Things started of with the heli session. Check out Aestivations Mo Garhammer, Planet Tirol Video contest winner Tobi Deckert and Markus Neier getting ready for the ride!

Meanwhile the Queens were waiting for the first ever woman freeskiing heli session to start…

There it comes…our chateau from the eagle eye view.

The true master of the chateau! Our Völkl boss and good friend Schinka!

Photographer Stef Cande stoked about his brand new Dalbello Boots!

The next morning: The girls had to get up at 5 to start their day with a party ride up the mountain! Typical Apres Ski music hyping the worlds best female freeskiers. A great moment!

Sunrise behind the chateau!

Maude Raymond – the steeze machine -rocking her O´Neill Suzuki Nine Queens Shirt…

Check back for the full update with beauty shots later today!

Check out the amazing video of day 1&2:



The Suzuki Nine Queens crew


Day 2: Hail the Queens! What an insane session!

Great start for the Suzuki NINE QUEENS event in Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis – The queens have arrived, are thrilled about the jump and had a great first session yesterday!

Yesterday, Monday 21st, the Suzuki NINE QUEENS officially took off in the Austrian resort of Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis, and it took off with full force. All the queens had arrived in the morning including superstars and X Games winners Kaya Turski and Sarah Burke. Host Virginie Faivre was overlooking the first session at her impressive snow feature in the afternoon with great delight: “I am super happy that the best freeski girls are here to hit this amazing chateau. It‘s the best thing that could happen to us!”

All the girls quickly got to grips with the massive jump and inventive rail set-up at the chateau yesterday afternoon. Marker Völkl rider Emma Dahlstrom was impressing everyone with  effortless cork 720s. Local hero Eva Patscheider was also riding with confidence and style despite having returned from a long injury break just recently. 16-year-old Emilia Wint, video qualifier from Breckenridge, USA, skied well beyond her years and had no trouble fitting in with the seasoned pros. But it was Red Bull rider Kaya Turski who seemed most at ease, throwing huge switch 7s and styled out 540° tail grabs.

The mood among the riders was incredible. Despite a long season and an even longer drive over from France for many of the girls – Sarah Burke came fresh from winning the FIS Halfpipe World Cup on Sunday night in La Plagne – everyone was enthusiastic to be part of the Suzuki NINE QUEENS and up on a beautiful mountain at the even more beautiful chateau. Once the jump was checked and the girls had become accustomed to the immense air time, the session didn’t stop. One of the most tireless riders was 9-year-old Kelly Sildaru from Estonia, who sessioned the rails all day long. Once the sun had disappeared, the princess was joined by the queens in her playground and the photographers got creative with their flashes in a first sunset session.

The Suzuki NINE QUEENS will continue throughout the week with a multitude of shooting sessions including the first ever all-girl heli session in freeskiing. The weather forecast is brilliant throughout the week, so expect a great push for the level of women’s freeskiing before the event concludes with the public contest day on Friday. Stay tuned!

Check out the amazing video of day 1&2:



The Suzuki Nine Queens crew