Nine Queens Video competition

This year we invited four filmers to join the quest of the Nine Queens. Each filmer was teamed up with three of the riders and had all week to submit an edit by Saturday evening. The filmers were assigned with the task to capture a “typical week” in the lives of our Queens and the judges around Nine Knights MTB host Andi Wittmann looked for creativity, editing, choice of music, and action. The submission will be released one after another for the next week, so check out our first one, stay tuned and enjoy the show!

Team Schilcher release: March 27th

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Schilcher, Herman, Caradeux, Assaly [youtube=]

Team Fulton release: March 31st

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Fulton, Summerhayes, Raymond, Bertagna


Team Schwertl release: April 3rd

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Schwertl, Zimmermann, Bair, Stromkova

Coming on April 3rd

Congrats to our winners Team Mazuel release: April 7th

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Mazuel, Ballet-Baz, Eliasson, Crane-Mauzy

Coming on April 7th

Wanna be a Queen? – The winners are official!

The Suzuki Nine Queens “WANNA BE A QUEEN” online video competition has been a major success and another little step to progress the sport of women freeskiing. We received 24 submissions from established pros to new up and coming shredders. The level of riding was incredibly high across the board. All the videos were watched and evaluated by the pre-qualified Queens and choosing the winners proved to be very difficult.

After much discussion amongst the Queens a unanimous decision was reached on who will have the honor to conquer the “Chateaux” for 2012.

So without further ado, the three qualified riders are:

1. Lisa Zimmermann:

This up and comer from Germany was very much a surprise for all the judges. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the fifteen year-old impressed the judges with an almost flawless 1080 tail grab, amongst other banger tricks in her video. “It is a dream come true to be invited” Lisa said, the German freeski scene is stoked and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us at the event.

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