Suzuki Nine Queens – Day 6 Contest

Big Air Contest Recap

Without a doubt, the Suzuki Nine Queens 2015 in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria has made its mark on female freeski and snowboard history, with many personal firsts and some never before landed tricks. The weeklong session ran from 15th to the 20th of March 2015 and featured heli, sunset, and sunrise shoots, as well as the final showdown, the Big Air Contest. During the contest, we saw young German freeskier Lisa Zimmermann take her third consecutive title, while Norwegian style queen Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas came out on top of the snowboarders.

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3D Designs Revealed

The castle construction is well on the way, and the 3D designs reveal the extraordinary setup. Creating a platform for progression with multitude of options is a delicate process spearheaded by Schneestern, who are bringing together tons of white gold, fleets of machines and manpower, to create the picturesque castle.   Head on to our facebook for up to date photos of the actual Suzuki Nine Queens snowy castle!

SuzukiNineQueens_3D_1 SuzukiNineQueens_3D_2 SuzukiNineQueens_3D_3

David malacrida photography ( low res )-13

Wanna Be A Queen Winners

Canadian skier Nikki Blackall, as well as, snowboarders Klaudia Medlova (SVK) and Sarka Pancochova (CZE) are the winners of the 2015 “Wanna be a Queen?” video competition. They will join the high-profile riders squad at the Suzuki Nine Queens 2015. Out of the 30 entries these girls edits stood out for the technique, style and creativity and they have been invited to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Austria for the week long supersession running 15th to the 20th of March.

Congrats Girls!!! See you soon!!


SNB Klaudia Medlova:

SNB Sarka Pancochova:

SKI Nikki Blackall:

FREESKI – Suzuki Nine Queens

·      Dania Assaly, USA ·      Maude Raymond, CAN

·      Coline Ballet Baz, FRA·      Tiril Sjastaad Christiansen, NOR

·      Nikki Blackall, CAN·      Zuzana Stromkova, SVK

·      Silvia Bertagna, ITA·      Katie Summerhayes, GBR

·      Emma Dahlström, SWE·      Kaya Turski, CAN

·      Virginie Faivre, SUI

·      Lisa Zimmermann, GER

·      Keri Herman, USA

·      Emilia Wint, USA·      Devin Logan, USA



SNOWBOARD – Suzuki Nine Queens


·      Jamie Anderson, USA

·      Silvia Mittermüller, GER

·      Julia Baumgartner, AUT

·      Kristiina Nisula, FIN

·      Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas, NOR·      Klaudia Medlova, SVK·      Aimee Fueller, GBR·      Spencer O’Brien, CAN·      Anna Gasser, AUT

·      Sarka Pancochova, CZE·      Jenny Jones, GBR

·      Birgit Rofner, AUT

·      Elena Könz, SUI

·      Olya Smeshlivaya, RUS

SuzukiNineQueens 2014 - DAY 5 - kicker-katie summerhayes - David Malacrida - LR

Big names at the Suzuki Nine Queens 2015

One week, one gigantic kicker slash snow castle, four invited photographers, as well as, several film crews combined with some the world’s best female freeskiers and snowboarders make up the Suzuki Nine Queens. The Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski resort in Austria and its perfectly groomed slopes will be reigned by the queens from the 15th to the 20th of March 2015. Sunset and sunrise shoots will take place throughout the week and one winner will be crowned at the public Big Air Contest, on Friday 20th of March 2015, a day not to miss!
SuzukiNineQueens 2014 - DAY 5 - kicker-katie summerhayes - David Malacrida - LR



Coline Ballet Baz, FRA

Silvia Bertagna, ITA

Emma Dahlström, SWE

Virginie Faivre, SUI

Keri Herman, USA

Devin Logan, USA

Maude Raymond, CAN

Tiril Sjastaad Christiansen, NOR

Zuzana Stromkova, SVK

Katie Summerhayes, GBR

Kaya Turski, CAN

Lisa Zimmermann, GER


Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014


Jamie Anderson, USA

Julia Baumgartner, AUT

Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas, NOR

Aimee Fueller, GBR

Anna Gasser, AUT

Jenny Jones, GBR

Elena Könz, SUI

Silvia Mittermüller, GER

Kristiina Nisula, FIN

Silje Norendal, NOR

Christy Prior, NZL

Birgit Rofner, AUT

Olya Smeshlivaya, RUS

SuzukiNineQueens2014_Day5_Elena Könz & Isabel Derungs_Heli-Session_49_KlausPolzer_LowRes

The format, as well as, the set up of the event is unique. “I found it a refreshing change, with its mellow atmosphere and creative avenues for both riders and photographers,” comments Jenny Jones, who bagged a cover shot from last year’s event, took 3rd place in the Big Air and landed her first frontside 900. This year she will be joined by her fellow Team GB mates Aimee Fueller and skier Katie Summerhayes, who are sure to shake things up. To the freeski ladies this event will always have a special meaning as it was the first of its kind, offering a platform to progress and to be in the spotlight. Some world firsts have been claimed at the event, such as the one by Kaya Turski in 2011 (CAN). She reminisces, “It was a goal of mine to learn the switch 1080 and when I did, and it was one of my most exciting moments in skiing.” (VIDEO:



9 Numbers from the Suzuki Nine Queens. Did you know that…
…Suzuki Nine Queens uses more than 50 GoPro cameras in total to document the event?

…more than 60.000 m3 of snow will be moved for the set-up?

…the riders combined will rotate about 1.800.000 degrees throughout the whole week?

…one athlete needs about 4.000 calories per day? Equates to about 17 Big Macs.

… 36 X Games medals and 3 Olympic medals are united at the Suzuki Nine Queens?

…about 300 media from 40 countries around the world report about the event?

…about 1.500 working hours are needed prior to the event?

…in total more than 50 persons are involved in the organization?

…the Suzuki Nine Queens social media channels reach more than 2.500.000 Million people?


Wanna Be A Queen? – Wild Cards On Offer
The online video contest is running till the 23rd of February 2015. Find out how you can win a wild card to Suzuki Nine Queens on


Follow us on social media @ninequeens.


“Wanna be a Queen?” – The Video Comp is ON

 The Suzuki Nine Queens is calling out for all talented freeski and snowboard ladies to join them in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to ride with the stars of the sport like Jamie Anderson (USA, snb) and Emma Dahlström (SWE, ski).

The “Wanna be a Queen?” online video contest jury will be dishing out a few coveted wild cards to the event running from the 15th to the 20th of March 2015. So get filming!

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014


The 5th edition of the legendary Suzuki Nine Queens is gearing up to another epic supersession bringing together the very best female riders to the huge castle setup.

On the line-up are last year’s winners Lisa Zimmermann, (GER, ski) and Elena Könz (SUI, snb), as well as, fresh X-games medallists Silje Norendal (NOR, snb) and Keri Hermann (USA, ski).
Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014
The weeklong event is packed with photo/film shoots and it culminates in the public Big Air Contest, on Friday 20th of March 2015, where the progression of the week is put on show in a battle for the throne in front of the crowds.

Suzuki Nine Queens 2014 presented by O’Neill – Day 1 Sunset Shoot




Wanna Be A Queen? – Online Video Contest
Our expert jury will be giving away 1-2 wildcards to their favourite entries in both the freeski and snowboard categories. Taking part is easy; send in a 2-minute video featuring your nine best tricks with a lot of airtime, technique and style.
Display your skills on a variety of obstacles and don’t miss the deadline on the 23rd of February 2015. The winners will be announced on the 3rd of March. For full details head over to, where you will also find all the entries. Follow us @ninequeens.

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014

Stay tuned for news from the Suzuki Nine Knights where this year also the snowboarders are invited.

Suzuki  Nine Queens presented by O'Neill 2014

Suzuki Nine Queens_Chateau 2011

TOP 10 Moments of All Time

The Suzuki Nine Knights and Nine Queens played host to some insane moments over the last seven years. Some rise from the buzzing creativity of the event: medieval swords, naked front flips, crazy trains and half pipe transfers. Many have become defining corner stones in the progression of the sport whether bagging a world’s first, a personal first or throwing down a statement of style.

Here are our TOP 10 Moments of All Time! Enjoy!

10) David Wise Superman Front Flip with a Sword (2013)

9) Seppe Smits, Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute (2014)

8) Andi Wittman 5.6 Meter World Record Hip Air (2013)

7) Mega Mountainbike Train (2012)

6) Luca Schuler Triple Cork 1080 (2014)

5) Teddy Berr Naked Superman Front Flip (2010)

4) Kaya Turski & Maria Bagge First Ever Female Switch 1080s (2011)

3) Antoine Bizet First Ever Double Back Flip on Downhill Bike (2013)

2) Lisa Zimmerman First Ever Female Double Cork 1260 in Competition (2012)

1) Jesper Tjäder 55 m Death Gap Double Back Flip (2014)

Nine Queens Video competition

This year we invited four filmers to join the quest of the Nine Queens. Each filmer was teamed up with three of the riders and had all week to submit an edit by Saturday evening. The filmers were assigned with the task to capture a “typical week” in the lives of our Queens and the judges around Nine Knights MTB host Andi Wittmann looked for creativity, editing, choice of music, and action. The submission will be released one after another for the next week, so check out our first one, stay tuned and enjoy the show!

Team Schilcher release: March 27th

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Schilcher, Herman, Caradeux, Assaly [youtube=]

Team Fulton release: March 31st

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Fulton, Summerhayes, Raymond, Bertagna


Team Schwertl release: April 3rd

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Schwertl, Zimmermann, Bair, Stromkova

Coming on April 3rd

Congrats to our winners Team Mazuel release: April 7th

Nine Queens Video Contest 2013 | Team Mazuel, Ballet-Baz, Eliasson, Crane-Mauzy

Coming on April 7th